brown butter tomatoes

i’ve really struggled to find decent tomatoes this summer – the ones i planted are still green and i’ve been unable to pick a single one! as a result i’ve been looking for ways to oomph up the flavour of whatever i do buy.

tomato jam and parmesan are old favourites; mint, chilli and garlic oil is a new discovery and so too is brown butter. this food52 recipe couldn’t be simpler – melt you butter and continue cooking until the white solids begin to brown and the butter smells nutty. remove from the heat and pour over sliced tomatoes, season and eat quickly, while the butter is still warm. make sure you have some bread to hand to mop up the juices.

the flavour combination works incredibly well, although i think it’s best if your tomatoes are pretty good already, as there is nowhere for a lack of flavour or poor texture to hide.