water caltrop wontons

we've been away recently - another spanish jaunt, which i promise i'll write up just as soon as i get chance.

needless to say, a week of jamon and lomo (porky loveliness), queso (cheese) and mariscos (seafood) means i came home craving vegetables. last night i made us a lovely vegetarian lasagne which, with a pea and fennel layer plus a roasted aubergine and red pepper layer, interspersed with a light tomato sauce, some mozzrella and my lazy topping of creme fraiche topped with grated cheddar, hit the spot.

today it was david's cravings we satisfied - asian flavours from greens (broccoli and bok choy) plus these pork and sping onion wontons. the shape is called "water caltrop" (due to their resemblance to water chestnuts) and they were easy enough to make with guidance from fuschia dunlop. a dipping sauce of chinkiang vinegar, soy and lime plus a little garlic, ginger and chilli was the finishing touch.