smoked seafood - ideas?

i was flicking through my cookery books at the weekend and saw reference to smoked anchovies, which reminded me of something i read recently, where yotam ottolenghi was extolling the virtues of smoked oysters as a cupboard standby. so i hit the shops.

sadly i haven't managed to find the smoked anchvoies (does anyone know where in london i can find them?) but did get smoked oysters, smoked mussels and smoked sardines. i just need to decide what to do with them now!

for oysters, ottolenghi's advice is plentiful: "i add them – oil and all – to tomato-based pasta sauces, i crush them with freshly baked potatoes or just spread them over toast with some mayonnaise, a sprinkle of maldon salt and some black pepper. only recently it occurred to me to try adding them to a fish pie, and it worked wonders, adding an extra deep, smoky note."

do you have thoughts on any of the other items? or ideas to supplement those for oysters?