asparagus tangle pizza

this pizza has been on my “to make” list for absolutely ages. the tangle of asparagus is the thing which really appealed. and the talk of a cheese base – no tomato sauce here, just a scattering of parmesan and some chunks of saint nectaire cheese. using quail eggs was the final nail in the “i have to make this” coffin - they're so cute!

it was easy enough to pull together – i used my usual dough, a 150g flour batch for one pizza. i then shaved, using my vegetable peeler, a small bunch of asparagus (c100g shaved weight, i would use more next time) which was put on top of the dough, having already sprinkled it with 20g grated parmesan and 30g of saint nectaire.

this was baked for c4 minutes on a preheated pizza stone, removed and then the quail eggs cracked on. according to the recipe they only needed a minute of additional cooking time but in my oven (cranked up to max) they had a nearer two and still had soft yolks, so exact timing will depend on your oven. i drizzled the pizza with a lovely grassy olive oil before serving, which i think worked well.

i will definitely be making this again.