fennel and burrata salad

Fennel and burrata is a combination I’ve made before, usually combining them with orange or grapefruit segments, toasted coriander seeds and watercress plus a drizzle of really nice fruity olive oil. This is based on a dish from Yotam Ottolenghi’s Nopi restaurant and was an obsession of mine a few years ago.

This version was different, using lemon in place of the orange - just finely cut strips of zest and some juice which combines with the olive oil (again, choose something nice and fruity) to make a dressing for the thinly sliced fennel - plus mint, (purple) basil and some fennel leaves from the garden. It is much fresher tasting and definitely something I will alternate with the Nopi version.

I served it with some savoury muffins, flavoured with courgette, sundried tomato and cheese (feta and parmesan), that I had made to use up a few leftovers.