veal-stuffed artichokes with chickpeas and lemon broth

it’s been a while. sorry – changes are afoot and i’m a bit distracted. sadly this has been having an impact on the time and creativity i have for cooking, as well as blogging, which is why it’s all been a bit quiet. however, this dish is well worth sharing. it’s inspired by a recipe from jerusalem for stuffed artichokes with peas.

the original recipe calls for a stuffing of beef and leeks (heavy on the leeks which gives a really light texture as well as making a small amount of meat go a long way) and the lemony broth is flavoured with dill. i held back on the herbs and used a veal mixture as my stuffing (with finely chopped carrots, onion and celery for flavour along with the jerusalem baharat spice mix) and use chickpeas in the broth in place of peas.

we ate this with warmed pitta breads, which were wonderful for soaking up the broth as well as scooping up bits of dish.