last week i wrote a blog post called "getting settled" - i don’t know why, as we’d only been in the new flat for a few days and everything was in a state of flux. things are still much the same, as we try to find homes for our belongings and work out how we want to live in this new space, but this week is when i have actually started to feel settled. 

on tuesday i registered as a frankfurt resident and on the walk home, picked up my new bike which had been shipped direct from london to a local bike shop. yesterday i filled our newly-built, wonderfully yellow and joyous, drinks cabinet with bottles of booze, glasses, cocktail shakers and a few other bits that had been sitting in a box, in the corner. i also made roast chicken (with lemon, fennel and courgettes) for supper and then, having stripped the leftover meat off the carcass, i made stock.

it’s a funny combination of things –a bit of official paperwork, thoughts of exploring on two wheels, a bit of unpacking and some very simple home cooking - but together they made a big difference and now, i really am starting to feel a bit more at home. i'm interested to see what other things make a difference in the coming weeks and months.

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