strawberry shrubtini

since making strawberry shrub last month we’ve been experimenting with it in various cocktails. it’s not an easy ingredient to use and while the fresh strawberry flavour is present so too is a very distinctive vinegar edge (it has softened over the past four weeks but is definitely still there). in fact i’ve found it easiest to drink with sparkling water – a small amount of shrub gives a lovely fresh fruity drink.

however, we have been diligent in trying different options and last night david came up with something that i really liked. in this drink i think it is the campari which really helps balance out the shrub. obviously you could also make a version of this brink using the strawberry juice that i created for our strawberry bellinis (this is also nice with sparkling water, which is why we have none left so i can’t experiment further just yet!)

shake with ice, 4 basil leaves, 20ml campari, 50ml vodka, 15ml lemon juice, 25ml strawberry shrub and 10ml sugar syrup. strain and serve in a martini glass.

if you can think of a better name for this – please let me know!