the moro top ten

So, another top ten, this time it is Sam & Sam Clark’s favourite recipes from their three Moro cook books, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of publishing their first book and the reissue of all three in paperback (i love the new designs).

I’m really excited about this top ten – I’ve only tried one these dishes before and the majority are from Moro east, the book I have used least (okay, I confess, not at all – it just hasn’t engaged me, for some reason) – and I’m looking forward to getting started. the dishes are listed below, if you fancy cooking along with me, or want to suggest your own favourites that i should perhaps add to my list of recipes to try.

From Moro:

  • roasted pork belly with fennel seeds
  • poor man’s potatoes

From Casa Moro:

  • scrambled eggs with prawns and asparagus
  • lamb with chickpea puree and hot mint sauce
  • Moroccan eggs with tomatoes and cumin

from Moro East:

  • fried spiced cauliflower
  • grilled onion salad with yoghurt
  • fried marrow with caramelised butter, mint and yoghurt
  • trinxat
  • tuna with red onion, tomato and sweet vinegar
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