roasted tomato, asparagus and goats curd salad


having made a batch of skye gyngell’s slow roasted tomatoes the question was “what to do with them?” it was a question answered easily, in many different ways the longer i thought about it.

in the end i plumped for a salad featuring asparagus and fresh goats curd cheese from neals yard dairy.

inevitably the salad became a little more complex but it was a beautiful, simple, summery supper when served with warm ciabatta and a bottle of good sauvignon blanc.

roasted tomato, asparagus and goats curd salad (serves 2 as a light meal)

dressing made with red wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic and salt & pepper

150g mixed salad leaves (i chose a rocket mix)

1 head of red chicory

1 bunch of asparagus, just cooked

1 large handful of slow roasted tomatoes (c 20 tomato quarters)

100g fresh goats curd cheese

6 slices parma ham (optional*)

dress the salad leaves, using half the dressing, and arrange in your serving dish. top with the chicory and asparagus. scatter the salad with the tomatoes, goats curd and parma ham. drizzle with the remaining salad dressing and serve with warm bread.

*omit the parma ham to make this salad vegetarian.