skye gyngell's peppers piedmontese


as i mentioned in june, my new favourite (still!) cookery book is skye gyngell’s a year in my kitchen.

skye talks about having a culinary toolbox which comprises ingredients which can be used in a variety of dishes to really make them sing. i find this approach hugely inspiring as it’s a simple way of lifting the quickest, easiest-to-assemble dishes to a new level. it’s the sort of trick that makes the food at bill’s so delicious to eat.

i’ve been trying a few of the toolbox components recently – basil oil and roasted red onions.

the basil oil is very simple – fresh basil blitzed with good olive oil, a little garlic and some salt & pepper. the red onions are equally simple but a little more time-consuming – they are sliced, tossed with a mix of balsamic vinegar, olive oil and black pepper and slow roasted until soft and sweetened.

an obvious first step was to try skye’s take on peppers piedmontese.

the halved red peppers are filled with a mix of skinned and deseeded tomatoes, anchovies and basil before roasting. when ready they are served at room temperature topped with torn mozzarella, black olives, basil oil and roasted red onions. they are amazing – a real taste sensation, both eaten fresh or as leftovers, mashed onto toasted bruschetta.

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