live music in Frankfurt

Some venues to explore if you'd like to see some live music while you're in Frankfurt. Most of these places have been suggested by my friend Danielle, bassist for The Crossover Poets (pictured above) and a coach and counsellor who works with people in transition, both in Frankfurt and internationally.

| Gwinnerstraße 5 | Enkheim |
| Kurt-Schumacher Straße 45 (Konstablerwache/Zeil) | Innenstadt |
Batschkapp (Hessian dialect for a flat cap) is a medium-sized rock and pop concert venue for international and national bands, singer-songwriters and other performers. It used to be located elsewhere in Frankfurt but was moved in 2016 to this former plastics factory somewhat out of town, in order to accommodate more people. Nachtleben is a linked smaller venue in central Frankfurt and a place where local acts perform and smaller gigs are held.

| Sandweg 64 | Bornheim |
Secluded from - yet so close to - the bustle of Frankfurt's busiest shopping street Bergerstrasse, Mampf is unlike any other venue in the neighbourhood. It retains an authenticity that is seldom found in the city: 'compact' is an understatement for a venue regularly staging live music. The quality of performances varies, but it is worth taking a risk on whichever night you can make it, to experience live jazz in such an intimate environment. Seemingly a blast from the past that endures in the present and likely into the future.

Orange Peel
| Kaiserstraße 9 | Bahnhofsviertal |
Orange Peel is a lounge bar / music venue close to central station, tucked away in a courtyard. It were established in 2009 to offer a space for ‘non-mainstream’ events and gigs. For example, we’ve attended a 50s style rock ’n roll / swing dance night here, as well as a blues concert. The best thing is to check out their upcoming events online and try one of them out.

Summa Summarum Musikkeller
| Klappergasse 3 | Sachsenhausen |
This is a tiny underground cafe owned by a woman who also happens to be its only bartender! Summa Summarum is known by local musicians as a place where they can perform for free - as long as they bring along their friends to buy the drinks. Come here if you want to explore small, intimate concerts (from rock to blues to jazz) in a unique and cosy setting where. If it’s busy, it might take a while to get your drink, but the atmosphere is worth it.

| Brönnerstraße 5-9 | Innenstadt |
A small pop/rock club venue in the centre of Frankfurt. They also have ‘hit nights’ general music nights on the weekends, where the crowd here tends to be a little bit younger (university students / high school). Good for specific concerts or a night of dancing to pop / rock / indie alongside a younger crowd.