diary of a detox: half way through

day 15

i woke up before my alarm today, with lots of energy. payback, at last for all the hard work i’ve been putting in! i’m also feeling better - healthier somehow, it’s hard to explain, but other people are noticing too and commenting that i “look well”. there is also the very nice bonus that some clothes that were a little on the small side are no longer tight.

tonight we had friends round for supper and we indulged with an oven-baked mushroom risotto which was a real disappointment (for me, everyone else seemed happy enough). the rice was overcooked (this was exaggerated when we reheated some the next day, creating a stodgy mushroom mush) and the flavours just weren’t as good as a properly-made risotto. pudding on the other hand was great, a flourless lemon and raspberry roll.

day 20

it’s going to be a busy day today and although my inclination is to stay in bed flicking through cookery books while i drink my hot water with lemon, i drag myself out to show a friend around borough market. my purchases are limited to pumpernickel and various types of ewe’s milk cheese from neal’s yard dairy.

after some shopping in the west end, and weak with hunger, i drag david into busaba eathai, a favourite restaurant of mine which is very detox friendly.

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