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diary of a detox: getting started


hot water with a squeeze of lemon juice – this has to be the perfect way to start the day. and according to my detox “rules”, it is the way i have to start my day!

the most important organ in the body when you are detoxing is the liver. hot water with lemon, which is slightly alkaline from the lemon juice, is a great way to kickstart your liver. it’s also an incredibly soothing and palate cleansing drink.

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diary of a detox

detoxing is a concept that gets mixed reactions from nutritionists and food lovers.

some people think that the human body is infinitely and amazingly adaptable and will respond to, and deal with, whatever we throw at it (within reason!). they think it is quite capable of getting rid of things it doesn’t want/ need and holding onto those it does. it does this on a daily basis perfectly adequately and therefore the concept of detox is irrelevant and unnecessary.

for others, detoxing is a way to give the body a break from the pressures that it can sometimes be under. processed food, junk food, use of additives (including salt), alcohol, smoking and pollution are all modern phenomena that our bodies have to deal with. given humans didn’t evolve with these things around us, surely it makes sense to pause, if not entirely cease, some of these indulgences? equally, many people eat unbalanced diets – too much saturated fat and protein (with meat as the focus of most meals) and not enough fruit, vegetables, healthy fats and water.

my view is closer to the latter.

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