diary of a detox: the final stretch

day 22

i’m still quite happily waking up before my alarm and i’ve found that my energy levels in the evenings are also much higher. despite this, and the fact that my skin is clear, i’ve lost a few kilos in weight and my body feels like it’s running as it should, i’m struggling.

i’m missing having a relaxing glass of wine in the evening. i’m also obsessing about food i can’t eat – beef stew with dumplings… crab linguine… beautiful fresh bread with butter and marmite… chorizo and salamis… chocolate cake smothered with rich icing… the list goes on!

instead, today i have my usual smoothie for breakfast (today was banana, apple and frozen berries), cashew nuts to nibble on, pumpernickel with wigmore cheese (a brie-like, nutty ewe’s milk cheese) for lunch and leftover tapas plus a chicory, blue cheese and walnut salad.  

day 26

today is the last day of my detox – i normally do a full 4 weeks but tomorrow we’re at a wedding and the thought of toasting steve and laura (congratulations you two!) with a glass of water just isn’t acceptable.


my final detox lunch has been roasted tomato soup. supper is a seafood curry with brown rice.


so, what next... i’ve just taken some sillfield farm dry cured smoked back bacon out of the freezer for sandwiches tomorrow, before we start our journey to wales!


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