healthy eating: the big outdoors


here in london the weather seems to have finally got back on track. the rain has stopped, the sun is out and temperatures are rising. finally, it’s starting to feel like summer.

it’s at times like this when i wish that i had a garden. warm afternoons, balmy evenings, outdoor dining and the freckles to go with it! still, it’s not all doom and gloom as london is full of fabulous parks just begging you to visit and have a picnic. more excitingly (for some) there are also lots of fabulous beaches only a short train journey away.

choosing what to eat is when it starts to get tricky. most supermarkets are well tuned to the laziness that lurks within us all and offer a wide variety of picnic friendly foods. as well as the ubiquitous (aka boring) sandwiches there are tubs of tzatziki and taramasalata, nestled alongside pasta, bean, lentil and rice salads. bags of vegetable crudités and the seemingly-endless variety of cheeses and cold meats complement the quiches and pies. so many choices, and all ours in exchange for a few folding green notes.

and it all sounds quite healthy too so what’s the problem?

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