blogging by mail: my favourite things


for the past week or so, i’ve been waiting for something... a parcel… from somewhere overseas… from a fellow food blogger… finally it has arrived!

yes, it’s blogging by mail time again. this is when food bloggers around the world send and receive parcels from each other, giving everyone an insight into our worlds.

this time, the parcels were sent with a theme of “my favourite things” and it was organised by stephanie at dispensing happiness. matching up 60 people is a huge job so thank you stephanie!

so, what was in the box?

my parcel was sent by the lovely rachel from kitchen gone to the dogs who lives in topeka, kansas, usa. i get the feeling rachel thinks i need to relax a little (or maybe it’s just that she likes relaxing), as the parcel contained wonderful lavender-scented bath lotions, potions and scrubs, some beautiful smelling “la-dee-da” bath salts as well as a “serenity” candle. i think i’ll be setting aside some time for relaxation this weekend.


but not too much, as rachel also sent me some copies of veggie life magazine which are packed with wonderful sounding recipes that i’ll have to try out. and the best thing? rachel also sent me some american measuring cups and spoons! rachel - you’re a star, i have been procrastinating about buying myself a set of cups for ages and now i don’t need to!

there was also a selection of cards, a notebook, stickers etc, all themed to reflect rachel’s love of dogs. rachel, thanks for a lovely blogging by mail parcel!

if you’d like to see what i sent to chelsea from bon vivant, have a look here and, for a round-up of all the parcels, stephanie is keeping us up to date.

here are some links to parcels i‘ve been sent previously; from germany, hungary and sweden.

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