leek rarebit potato flatbread


last year, the daring bakers cooked potato bread. i made a couple of versions – the prescribed daring baker’s tender bread as well as dan lepard’s olive oil and potato flatbread.

i much preferred dan’s version and having tried the “basic” recipe, noted his exhortation to try a leek rarebit version.

the recipe for the bread is the same but it is topped with a rich mix of leeks, mustard, dark ale and cheese. the result is a much richer bread, akin to a deep-pan pizza or cheesy foccacia. to be honest, it was a little too rich for me but i know that not everyone has such austere tastes, so i thought i’d share it with you. what do you think? worth a try?

dan lepard’s leek rarebit flatbread (makes one large sheet of bread)

make your bread as outlined here (use the dan lepard recipe).

while it is on its final rise, slice 2 leeks into 5mm rings and simmer in a pan of water until tender. drain and press with a cloth to remove the excess liquid. beat together 75g flour, 100ml dark ale, 1 tablespoon coleman’s mustard powder and ½ teaspoon salt until smooth. mix in the cooked leeks and 150g grated cheddar then carefully spread the mixture over the top of the dough, just before baking.