wild mushrooms and fried egg on toast

i have a confession – i’ve never fried an egg. well, i hadn’t until the weekend – pictured above is my first ever fried egg!

i know it’s a silly thing to be confessing and feel proud about having made, but eggs and i have never been particularly close friends other than when they are scrambled (served on toast, with tomato ketchup or smoked salmon, natch).

in recent months i’ve been trying eggs in different guises when out for brunch and have a few styles on my “to try” list. this fried egg was inspired by a skye gyngell “recipe” (a picture of which is seen in the magazine on the table, behind my plate) and the fact that i had a bag of seasonal wild mushrooms, courtesy of foodari.

skye’s hot tip on the mushrooms is not to move them about too much as this triggers them to release all their liquids, creating a soggy texture.

i’m not going to write a recipe, although i will admit that i checked skye’s to check what to fry my egg in (butter apparently, in a non-stick pan). the mushrooms are sautéed in butter and tossed once after c2 minutes at which point i added a small amount of sliced garlic. another 2 minutes and they were ready to be served with my fried egg on a slice of toasted olive bread.

delicious and something i’ll definitely be recreating.