missing from my kitchen…

… one dressed crab, two mackerel, one pheasant and some twineham grange cheese. the main suspect – a local fox.

when i opened my front door this morning i found the polystyrene chilled carton that accompanies my foodari vegetable box, lying on its side. the milk i had ordered was there but nothing else was.

a peek around the corner, down the side of my bins showed where most things had gone – in the picture above you can see a nibbled pheasant, a headless mackerel and the packaging from my crab. there was another chewed mackerel on the pavement. where the crab shell and cheese are, i’ve no idea – i’ll be looking in the other gardens on my street when i go out later, in case i need to warn my neighbours about lurking dangers.

so, thanks to one hungry fox (and i've had no problems with other deliveries of meat and fish, which i've been getting for c2 years now, so it must have been particularly persistent!) bang goes my british fortnight recipes for those items. instead i’ll mostly be cooking vegetarian!

abby dysonfoxes6 Comments