happy birthday, to us

eat the right stuff is six years old today. how time flies...

there are now over 550 recipes on the blog, using a wide range of ingredients and representing a variety of cultures, cuisines and techniques. despite their differences they are consistently recipes that i have cooked, usually as part of our day-to-day menus, and which i wanted to remember and share.

i’ve done a few cooking challenges recently, working my way through top 10s from both nigel slater and moro, partly to step out of my comfort zone but also to help dig me out of the occasional foodie rut which i think we all settle into every now and then. so, if you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some of my favourites from eat the right stuff.

some are my own recipes, others are ones i’ve found in books, magazines or online. my favourites change all the time but these are all recipes which caught my eye this morning when i was looking for dishes to share which i love and make regularly. let me know if you have any other favourites!

i hope you keep reading, and commenting, as this blog is partly about me and my cooking but also very much about you.

  1. rhubarb & pink grapefruit jam
  2. tomato jam
  3. devil's nest - scrambled eggs with avocado salsa
  4. ribollita
  5. white chilli
  6. lentil & mushroom ragu
  7. linguine with peas & parma ham
  8. spinach & mackerel pilaf
  9. crazy water - two versions, one with sea bass and the other with prawns
  10. mustardy mackerel fishcakes - which come with gordon ramsay's endorsement!
  11. slow-cooked lamb with fennel
  12. chicken fattee
  13. chorizo-stuffed pork tenderloin - triple pork!
  14. spiced meatballs with feta & pomegranate couscous
  15. best broccoli
  16. bulgar & spinach pilaf with labneh & harissa-roasted tomatoes
  17. chickpeas with pumpkin, lemongrass & coriander
  18. farro with pumpkin & slow-cooked cavolo nero
  19. orange and lemon pistachio cake with rosewater
  20. preserved cherries in syrup

and finally, a bonus cocktail recipe for an abbey martini (what else could it have been!?!). the spelling is wrong but the drink is delicious!

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