herb ricotta gnocchi with mushrooms

another taste of spring, even if the herb gnocchi came out of the freezer! these gnocchi were made using suzanne goin’s ricotta gnocchi recipe, which i fell in love with two years ago, but with the addition of some finely chopped spinach, watercress, rocket and basil (i used a 100g mixed salad bag of the first three and a large bunch of basil).

the recipe was surprisingly forgiving – i needed a little extra flour but otherwise everything was as the original recipe.  as usual the gnocchi froze well - they cook from frozen, just add them to your boiling pan of water.

over recent weeks i’ve been working my way through various versions of “herb ricotta gnocchi with…” but i think this was my favourite – smoked garlic and chilli fried in olive oil, mushrooms (i used a mix of buna and shiro shimeji, shiitake and button mushrooms), white wine and seasoning plus a few spoons of mascarpone to create a creamy sauce; i added some extra basil to the sauce as well. a mushroom and pancetta sauce was also really delicious.