auf wiedersehen, london

so, today i’m leaving london to move to frankfurt am main in germany. the move is a result of david’s work and has been in the offing since the end of last year. he moved in january and i’ve spent the past few months getting ready for the move from london, while he’s been doing the same in germany.

a lot of this preparation has been food-focussed. when we visited frankfurt in the autumn, to see if we would be happy to make the move, one of the things we spent time doing as we explored the different neighbourhoods, was explore some of the food shops and markets as well as the city’s restaurants and cafes. while london’s diversity is incomparable, there is a good range of things available and i’m expecting to be able to continue cooking and eating a wide range of interesting and delicious food.

i’ve also been preparing for the move in london – attempting to run down the freezer and my cupboards. i’m amazed by the volume of food that remains, despite 4 months of concerted effort! this has been part of the reason the blog has been quiet recently – freezer meals plus old favourites that don’t require too much thinking, have all featured highly in recent months.

as a result i can’t wait to stock a new kitchen, cook in a new space and discover new things to try. we’re also hoping to take advantage of our new location by travelling around germany and within europe, exploring new places. i’m also really looking forward to having more time to blog and share my new experiences with you via eat the right stuff.

finally, if anyone has any frankfurt connections or suggestions, i’d love to know about them!