getting settled

we’ve been in our new frankfurt flat for a few days now and finding a home for everything that has been unpacked, whilst also working out what extra storage and furniture we need, is still something we’re working on.

i’m particularly trying to get my head around the kitchen and how to store the things we bought with us (it was really great to find that most food and drink items could come with us) but given i had been running everything down, i need to keep reminding myself that in london i would have had twice as much stuff (most of my kitchen cupboards were full to bursting) and no doubt i will want to replace various things which ran out before the move!

however, we’re getting by – the spices which were in a big heap in a box (see below) are now in a drawer and the amount of ingredients sitting on the floor or on the work surface is much reduced. getting cooking properly comes next as i’ve been far too lazy, indulging my love of cured meats, cheese and salads!

abby dysonComment