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sausages with lentils and apples


having never been a fan i’m increasingly interested in eating sausages. good quality, interestingly flavoured ones obviously. pairing them with an old favourite, puy lentils , is something i’ve done a few times but this week i decided it was time to ring the changes.

well, some changes – the sausages and the lentils were staying but the addition of autumnal apples was new. obviously this isn’t a suitable combination for those among you who hate the thought of meat and fruit in the same dish but for those of us with fewer prejudices this is definitely worth a try. the apples add a lightness and sweetness which works well with the rich earthy flavours of the sausages and lentils.

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pastitsio, a taste of corfu


one of the books that my prize-winning mustardy mackerel fishcakes snaffled for me was rick stein’s mediterranean escapes. i’m a long time fan of rick stein’s cooking and having missed the tv show that accompanies this book it was really nice to be able to explore the countries he visited and foods he discovered with this book.

the first recipe that i have made from it, which really jumped out was this greek spiced beef and pasta dish. the flavours are very gentle but a really nice alterative from a lasagne which is probably the similar dish which many people make. as with lasagne, getting a decent photo is near impossible!

this dish is my contribution to presto pasta nights, as hosted by ruth at once upon a feast.

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baby aubergines


there are some things which i buy purely on the basis of how they look, these baby aubergines (or egg plant, or brinjal, if you prefer) being a case in point. thankfully though, the baby version is just as delicious as the full size one and my visual choice wasn’t a duff one. unlike many bottles of wine which, despite a pretty label, were not so pretty on the taste buds!

having said all that, the nigel slater spiced aubergine stew which they ended up in was cooked so long and slow that they did lose their shape and no-one knew just how pretty they were to begin with. apart from me of course which is what really matters!

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autumnal greens


it’s that time of year when the new greens are appearing at the market - chicory, radicchio, watercress, curly kale, chards, sprouting broccoli, cima di rape, cavolo nero and the wonderful savoy cabbage.

i think last year was probably one of the first years when i really made the effort to use these greens and savoy was my starting point. it’s also been my starting point for the season this year.

with smokey pancetta and a little butter, it’s a perfect accompaniment to any meal where richness is being provided elsewhere and you want the fresh green taste of balancing flavours. macaroni cheese would be my perfect partner.

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lemony chicken and peppadew pasta


despite the rapidly cooling weather i’m still, more often than not, in the mood for food with a bit of zip and zing to it. less warming soups and stews and more food flavoured with the freshness of green herbs and lemon plus the obligatory garlic and chilli.

this pasta dish is full of all those moreish flavours but is also hugely comforting on a cold grey day. i usually make it with fennel added to the mix but had forgotten to stock up this week. no matter, it tasted just as good but i now have the excuse to do a fennel version very soon.

this dish is my contribution to presto pasta nights, as hosted by ruth at once upon a feast. sorry for my lack of contributions over the past month ruth, i hope this makes up for it!

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