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tomato and goat’s cheese dipping sauce


so, if you’ve made skye gyngell’s roasted vegetables with goat’s cheese and smashed tomatoes you may have some of the wonderful tomatoey dressing left. hopefully you’ll also have some goat’s cheese left too. beat the two together and you’ll have a perfect dipping sauce for purple sprouting broccoli. or, some unseasonal imported asparagus - naughty, i know, but i couldn’t resist.


vanilla roasted rhubarb


rhubarb is an absolute favourite of mine. i love the tangy flavour and always get ridiculously excited when it is season.

however, rhubarb brings out a frugality in me, which i am always surprised by. the beautiful pale pink forced rhubarb is always priced at a level which makes me wince - £3 for a mere untrimmed 400g which, once it is cooked, is only just enough for 2 portions.

still, there are some things in life which are too beautiful to resist, and as it has been many a month since i bought pretty shoes or a gorgeous handbag, i think a bundle of rhubarb is deserved.

don't forget to share your favourite fruit recipes with me, for the spring fruit sensations monthly mingle!

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roasted vegetables with goat’s cheese and smashed tomatoes


as you’ll know, if you’re a regular reader of eat the right stuff, i am a big fan of skye gyngell’s recipes. she has a really interesting approach to layering flavours and i’m enjoying trying her recipes.

very excitingly, i have finally got round to booking to go and eat at her restaurant at petersham nurseries. i can’t wait and am incredibly excited, not least as i’ll be sharing the experience with david and my lovely pal julia. in the meantime however, i am having to satisfy myself with skye a la abby recipes.

this roasted sweet potato and purple sprouting broccoli salad with goat’s cheese and smashed tomatoes was truly delicious. david and i had it as a light supper with some leek rarebit flatbread and it was magnificent. i also think it’d be really lovely with roast chicken or simply-cooked lamb.

the dressing has a depth of flavour – anchovies, rosemary and roasted tomatoes – which is particularly delicious, and if you pop back later this week i’ll let you in on how i used up the extra that was leftover…

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stuffed pork tenderloin


traditionally, pork and i have not been great friends. i love proper bacon and have learnt to cook pork belly to perfection. i also love various salamis, chorizo and hams. however, that has been the limit of my interest in pork.

until now that is. on a whim i bought a pork tenderloin and it has been sitting in my freezer for several weeks while i mumbled under my breath about the silliness of such a purchase. pork? dry and flavourless - what a waste of a meal!

on the advice of a friend i decided that the best approach would be to wrap it in pancetta and stuff it so that there was an extra layer of flavour. i used a caramelised onion, chorizo, lemon and spinach stuffing and it was fabulous. the pancetta did a fantastic job at keeping the pork moist and the lemony stuffing added a wonderful range and depth of flavour to the dish, which we ate with a spinach and chorizo pilaf.

i’m so pleased that i’ve learnt how to use a new cut of meat and am really looking forward to experimenting a little more with pork. decent crackling on a roast is probably the next thing i need to try... any foolproof tips welcome!

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leek rarebit potato flatbread


last year, the daring bakers cooked potato bread. i made a couple of versions – the prescribed daring baker’s tender bread as well as dan lepard’s olive oil and potato flatbread.

i much preferred dan’s version and having tried the “basic” recipe, noted his exhortation to try a leek rarebit version.

the recipe for the bread is the same but it is topped with a rich mix of leeks, mustard, dark ale and cheese. the result is a much richer bread, akin to a deep-pan pizza or cheesy foccacia. to be honest, it was a little too rich for me but i know that not everyone has such austere tastes, so i thought i’d share it with you. what do you think? worth a try?

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